Securities Services

Whether just getting off the ground or looking to fund the next phase of your business, Eilers Law Group is here to guide you through the fund raising process.  We provide services in private placements, IPOs, and IPO alternatives.  If you are looking for legal support seed funding rounds or large project finance, let Eilers Law Group be your legal security, no matter how big the raise.   We also work with the finance side clients cutting administrative costs and clearing up operating capital for your investments.  Our flat rates and mixed equity arraignments ensure that we keep costs predictable.  Here are just a few of our securities services.

  • Private Placements
  • SEC Compliance and Filings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Actions and FINRA Compliance
  • IPOs and Alternative Public Offerings
  • Rule 144 Letters
  • Opinion Letters for SEC Registrations
  • OTCMarkets Compliance
  • DTC Compliance

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