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To view the articles and public documents on this site you do not need to reveal any personal information. This site will present your browser with the option of accepting cookies in order to lay out the web page correctly and to store customized settings for your next visit. These features may be disabled by your browser, however this will limit the look and functionality of the website. All page requests are logged in order to properly maintain the service and security of this website.

Your Cloud Based Office

In order to use the MyCase office space, you must first register a username and provide personal information about yourself. This information will be used during your transactions with the Eilers Law Group to provide legal services limited to the terms agreed upon acceptance of the terms. Your information may be provided to a third party in order to provide the service you requested and/or as is required by law. All information transferred between attorney and client within the MyCase shall be encrypted and protected by a secure connection. All other use of your personal information will be limited to your attorney/client relationship with the Eilers Law Group. The MyCase site uses cookies to store a session id. Therefore, in order to register on the website, cookies must be enabled so that we can provide you with a secure transaction.  To learn more about MyCase and its Terms and Conditions, please visit,