Eilers Law Group, P.A. has dedicated its practice to the creation, organization and protection of small business.  We specialize in publicly traded securities.  Whether you are investor, a CEO or a broker, we provide expert advise to help ensure that your time and investment are protected as money grows.   At Eilers Law Group, we are well versed in traditional IPOs, reverse mergers, and keeping you compliant, no matter if your a reporting company or just setting your sights on public markets.

In our busy world of iPhones, netbooks, Blackberries and the constant hum of the internet, the face of commerce and human interaction has evolved. However, the traditional brick and mortar law firm has remained the same. With advances in inter-connectivity and tested security systems, we can now provide the same quality legal services with the benefit of the internet. At Eilers Law Group we can enhance the traditional law firm experience through technology, or through our cloud, you can contact your attorney, discuss your issues, and schedule phone conferences with all the confidentiality that is required and expected of a law firm. Even more, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. From startup companies with stock markets in their future to well established , Eilers Law Group can provide quality legal services with all the advantages of modern technology.

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