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Eilers Law Group, P.A. is a boutique securities law firm focused on startups and emerging growth companies.  From formation to exit strategy, our team is dedicated to protecting the interests of the founders and structuring investment, crowdfunding and alternative financing solutions to make your company grow.  At Eilers Law Group, we strive to be part of your team.  Whether a startup or an established company ready to make the next steps, Eilers Law Group is here to guide you through the maze of federal securities laws.


Personal Service

The task of starting and growing your business can be overwhelming. Why add to the stress hiring a big law firm that can barely remember your name or that is too busy to pick up the phone.  At Eilers Law Group we understand the struggles of running your own business.  We strive to be at your service when you need it, not next week.


Part of Your Team

As a law firm, Eilers Law Group is dedicated to the task of representing your goals and aspiration and turn them into the narrative that attracts the best investors. We work diligently to make sure that the securities offerings you pursue have your ultimate goals in mind. We take our time to ensure you have the tools to make informed decisions, because we are not just advisors, we are part of your team.



To most, securities laws are a foreign language that you didn’t even know you needed to speak.  Raising capital, taking on investors, even choosing the correct corporate entity isn’t always as easy as it seems.  A little mistake now can lead to big problems in the future.  At Eilers Law Group, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes in their securities matters. We understand compliance. For 10 years, Mr. Eilers has focused on securities regulations, from private transactions to IPOs and SEC reporting for public companies and SEC enforcement actions.

What We Offer

Eilers Law Group is a boutique securities law firm providing legal services in business development, corporate law, capital formation, investments, securities laws and going public.  We work with true startups to ensure that your company, from formation, is structured in a manner that fits you now and in the future.  We also provide legal support and business development support in fund raising and financing your growth.  Although we focus on securities, we know that equity investment isn’t always the best solution.  Once you are ready to raise funds and expose yourself to the Securities and Exchange Commission, we are there to support your federal securities compliance.  For investors, we also provide legal support in private transactions, restricted stock legend removal, and general securities compliance.  Whether an issuer or an investor, Eilers Law Group has your securities law solution.

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