West Virginia Expansion in the Works

March 14, 2012 W. R. Eilers 2 Comments

After much thought and even more feedback, I have decided to begin the process for expanding services to West Virginia.  As operations here in South Florida are steady, I will be letting the market demand dictate exactly how West Virginia clients are incorporated into the practice.  That being said, the main focus of the practice will be similar to operations in Florida with the addition of estate planning.   Just to remind you of my practice, the basic line is “transactional”, that is anything that needs a contract.  This includes incorporating Incs and LLCs, drafting partnership agreements, employment contracts, supply and vendor agreements, and so on.  If there are legal implications to your relationship, I help build a framework for a continued fruitful relation, and if the time comes an amicable split.

Adding estate planning and asset protection has been a long time goal for the practice generally.  As my generation begins to really grab a hold of keeping things in order for retirement, I believe that Eilers Law Group can provide a great resource for creative and insightful estate planning.

So that’s the announcement.  “It’s in the works.” 😉 Officially, the process will begin toward the end of April.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I should be hanging a shingle, virtually or otherwise, by the Fall of 2012.   Until then,  if you have any questions, interests, or general thoughts on how the practice could help you or the community, please let me know.


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    Go Willie!

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