Musical Mondays

May 18, 2010 W. R. Eilers No Comments

So I have been wanting to do this for some time.  Bijan Sabat, quietly my idol (if I ever were to be that sentimental), reminded me that being a professional does not mean that we should let go of our inspiration, our creativity or our expression.   And so with no further ado, I present a new weekly post (maybe, hopefully more) musical [day of the week]…..

The other night I was driving home, I had plugged in my archaic old iPod that has only one function “random play” and tried to shoot the dice for the evening commute.  LL Cool J, De la Soul, Talking Heads, New Order, The Smiths, Chemical Brothers, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, Brenda Lee, something Irish and then …………………..Fugazi.  Enjoy.

Fugazi, Music

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