New Type of Marketing: Stickybits, A new advantage to the Solo Firm

March 15, 2010 W. R. Eilers No Comments

Well first and foremost, my apologies for my absence. After sitting for the WV Bar and the the MPRE, there hasn’t been much “free” time. But today, I think I am finally caught up with a new outlook on blogging and getting our firm off the ground. More posts, less windedness. Anyway. It seems that today’s online marketing efforts for lawyers are all the craze. If you are trying to be unique, it seems you either have to have built a reputation as a pioneer of online legal presence, or use 80% of your time building up some sense of a following. Once unique ideas like Blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts are now the standard in online marketing tools. Big Firms are jumping on board with hired out SEO campaigns, twitter and facebook designs and leaving some of us coughing up a cloud of virtual dust.

Enter Stickybits a cool new way to tag, well, just about anything. Print out the bar codes and attach whatever you want to it. You could put a barcode on your business card that autolinks to your website or your resume. Now I would not suggest that you go vandalizing stop signs with random bar codes, but there is plenty of room to get creative with it and maybe stand out in the crowd once again. Download the app and scan below to check things out.


*Unfortunately, as I drafted this post the Android version has been taken down from the Android Market. I’ll have to keep looking for it.*


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