Google Buzz: More Interconnectednessy Stuff, Web 3.0, and the Beginning of Wave

February 10, 2010 W. R. Eilers No Comments

Well, what a pleasant, (I think) surprise to open my Gmail this morning and find that Google has launched Buzz, the next step in Google’s web 3.0 concepts. Like so many things Google, it takes current SaaS and social media utilities and cuts down on the hodgepodge. This of course is assuming that you use Google products like Youtube, Picasa, Gmail, etc.

Based on a cursory review of the features, it also will incorporate Twitter and Flickr. We will have to see what else comes along. It seems to be the precursor to a full launch of Google Wave, which, although very exciting in concept, I find that my invite and all of three friends don’t amount to much use. For now, I will just test this thing out and review it later down the road.

It will be interesting to see how facebook integration starts to work and how third party dashboard type platforms like Gizapage and the like figure out more robust ways to actually manage the multiple profiles, multiple email accounts, multiple blogs and so on. I would love to see Google finally make the push to have a truly integrated dashboard where emails, conversations, blogs, profiles, etc. from Facebook, Facebook fan sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Google Site and Apps, and other big social media players are all consolidated and seamless. We are getting closer, but for now, I will have to rely on the terrible little map on keep on my desk at all times.

So will see.

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